10 Reasons Jeb! Dropped Out

Regular Right Guy

48534023.cachedI was a little surprised to see Jeb! drop out of the 2016 race over the weekend.

Of course I knew it would come eventually, but he had money and name recognition, which are usually enough for most Republicans who want to be president to drive us nuts with boring platitudes and resume qualifications until at least late spring.

Here are 10 possible reasons the junior Bush from Florida was forced out.

10) Issued the Rubios drivers licenses while Florida governor

9) Low peaceful Muslim turnout in Darlington

8) Those ugly Jeb-Lindsey rumors

7) Went unmentioned in Nikki Haley’s SOTU rebuttal

6) The Common Core math problem hasn’t yet been conceived…

5) Fox News simply ran out of airtime during those critical early months

4) Ben Carson juggernaut

3) Electorate confused him with Jim Gilmore… John Kasich… Chris Christie…

2) The Krauthammer jinx

And the Number 1 reason Jeb Bush dropped out of…

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