The lie you have been told for decades


“If it was not for Feminism…..blah, blah, blah… owe Feminism”

Hope that gets your attention. Its a load of shit. The Feminists played a cunning con game with you (for reasons that will be apparent later) and the Progressives have simply taken this to another level. Patriarchy is an idea. It has no form and no substance and no measurable qualities.

So if it wasn’t that society is fairer and more equitable society because of Feminism how did society become the way it was? Now this is something that you never see Feminism and much less Progressives do, is to look at historical context with the conditions that existed in society then.

Imagine a few hundred years ago. In your village every Family knew what it was to lose at least one sibling. It was a shared grief. Death in Childbirth is really high for children and reasonably high for the…

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