Lindsey Graham Presides Over Ted Cruz Shooting Trial

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lindsey-grahamUPDATE – I know, I know. Everyone outside of South Carolina thought we’d heard the last from Sen. Lindsey Graham for a while.

But he’s still out there entertaining the handful of people who don’t get the sudden urge to run for a porcelain receptacle when they hear his name.

And this time he’s suggesting a way to get rid of his nemesis Ted Cruz, once and for all.

The Blaze:

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham aimed some jabs at the remaining GOP presidential candidates Thursday evening as he rebuked his party for going “bats**t crazy.”

While speaking at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner, Graham playfully threw insults at his former challengers for the GOP nomination while they appeared at the Republican debate in Houston, Texas. Graham, who had announced his bid for the 2016 presidential election in June 2015, dropped out of the race in December.

During his…

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