Fight The Power: #FreeStacy Is All The Rage…

The Camp Of The Saints

…and it should be.

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Stacy-McCain-Gonzo-04-233There are some people who just can’t stand the idea that someone could have access to Twitter or anything, or a platform to be able to criticize them.

That quip from Stacy McCain sums the situation up near-perfectly [tip of the fedora to Da Tech Guy via Stacy himself].

This is a War the Left has started and, dammit, this time we should be the ones who end it.

As Andrew Breitbart said:
Fuck You – War!

If you’re a Twitter User, here’s how to support this fight, which is more than about Stacy having two Twitter accounts obliterated:

The #FreeStacy movement, a grassroots response to Twitter’s Feb. 19 decision to suspend my popular @rsmccain account, has received international…

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