Bob’s Speech On Willard @MittRomney

The Camp Of The Saints

Born to lose
You’re just bad news
You don’t get no second chance…

—Social Distortion

Why in the world would anyone listen to any advice Willard Mitt Romney has to give?

I was against Willard The Wimp before I was never for him.

As I wrote last July when he was attacking Edward Cruz:

Why in God’s Name should we listen to you, Willard Mitt Romney?

You ran against Senator Ted Kennedy, a race you were destined to lose in The People’s Republic Of Massachusetts, yet you did not take advantage of the situation to get across the Republican Message. Instead, you tried to either out-Left that degenerate disgrace or so water-down your supposed ‘conservative beliefs’ that they were unrecognizable.

You got elected Governor of the Commonwealth and proceeded to be ‘played’ by the corrupt Speaker Of The Massachusetts House, a body which laughed at your every proposal and ignored…

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