Et Tu, Camille?

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If it weren’t so insane it would be laughable. Or maybe it is laughable because it is so insane.

Just weeks ago every pundit on the planet, and even a few who may have been elsewhere, were ROTFL at the thought of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Now Jeb Bush can’t buy a friend, Marco Rubio is seen as a short-resume company man who will do anything to spoil his new best nemesis Ted Cruz’s chances, and Mitt Romney, well, Mitt’s the same blue state RINO weenie that got us in this mess to begin with.

And even lefty lesbian Camille Paglia, of all people, is impressed with Trump.

Camille Paglia, Salon:

Along with most media pundits in the Northeast, I found it improbable if not impossible that Trump could survive his klutz-o-rama cascade of foot-in-mouth flubs, from carelessly categorizing Mexican immigrants as rapists to hallucinating about…

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