Plan C: ‘Ignore the Will of the People’?

Regular Right Guy

Reince-Priebus-800x430Unless you have been in a coma you have already heard North Dakota GOP Party boss Curly Haugland tell us that the RNC will ignore the will of the people in Cleveland, but here is the CNBC video, just in case.

One of the things that has disturbed me most during this primary season, is that supporters of the “outsiders” don’t seem to realize that they are essentially on the same team.

This has been especially true among Trump and Cruz supporters, and the GOP leadership loves it.

But if there is anything we should have learned about this election by now, it is that it is not about the candidates.

It is about us.

We the people.

In the end, one of these candidates will be at least leading, if not a clear winner, going into the convention, and Trump and Cruz supporters alike must realize that the RNC…

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