Why Trump? Here Is One Reason…

Regular Right Guy

BushI saw a good piece by Will Rahn the other day entitled, Why #NeverTrump Failed, and while I don’t agree with all of Mr. Rahn’s conclusions about Donald Trump, I thought he was spot-on in his diagnosis as to why the GOP failed to derail the Trump juggernaut.

Will Rahn, CBS News:

Let’s say you’re reading an article about a man who raised a pit bull for the purpose of entering it in dogfights. He teaches it to be mean, to attack mercilessly. He makes it strong, feeds it red meat. And then one day this pit bull mauls him. Would you have any sympathy for that man?

This is not a charitable way of looking at the conservative #NeverTrump movement, but it’s what I keep returning to when I think about why it’s been so unsuccessful. It’s a movement led by conservative opinion leaders, media personalities, and Republican…

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