Katie Couric is Dead: Someone Please Tell Her…

Regular Right Guy

katie-couric-media-accountabilityIf you missed Katie Couric’s ‘Under the Gun’ fauxumentary, don’t feel bad, almost no one else watches Yahoo! News either.

Which is probably why the formerly overpaid and beyond overrated CBS News anchor thought she could get away with lying her @$$ off about law-abiding gun owners, in the first place.

But Yahoo! Finance, another arm of Yahoo! almost nobody reads either, balked at its Global (Ha! Ha!) news anchor’s creative licensing with the truth.

For all the wrong reasons…

Yahoo! Finance:

In the grand scheme of things, eight seconds doesn’t sound like much, especially in the context of a long documentary about a complex issue like gun control. But in the current highly-charged political environment, nothing is as simple as it might seem at first, and former TV news anchor Katie Couric is learning that lesson the hard way.

Couric, who worked at the Today Show and

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