Trump Loses Muslim Bro’hood Support

Regular Right Guy

angry-muslim-guy-memegenerator-e1361299462356Yes, it looks like Donald Trump is going to have to make do without the votes of the MB’s U.S. front group CAIR and the overwhelming majority of peaceful, patriotic Muslims who support it.

Well, darnit.

Washington Examiner via Drudge:

More than a quarter million Muslims have become registered voters since the last presidential election, a Muslim group reported on Tuesday.

In June there were 824,000 registered Muslim voters whose first, middle or last names matched a list of 43,538 traditionally Muslim names, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which used a private national database of voter information. That number represents a significant bump from the 500,000 voters the group accounted for in 2012, using the same method.

One reason for the surge, CAIR suggests, is “increased political involvement resulting from rhetorical attacks on that faith community by public figures.” …

“As a community under the pressure of

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