Berning Down the House

Regular Right Guy

Bernie-Sanders-AP77174442780How old is Bernie Sanders? That was rhetorical. The Bern is one year older than Mick Jagger (who is about a year younger than the Magna Carta).

The reason I asked, though, is because you would’ve thought Mick was doing the funky chicken on the DNC stage last night, the way the young women were mopping up tears as Bernie took to the microphone.

That is, until he mentioned Hillary Clinton, at which point 50 percent of them began to boo the old fart.

The booing started immediately, with many people in the audience giving Mr. Sanders a thumbs-down sign. But Mr. Sanders was quick to wave the crowd to be quiet and to chide them for their response.

“It’s easy, it is easy to boo,” he said. “But it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a Donald Trump presidency.”

“What the…

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