Blindfold Removed


The other day we went to the county’s gun range to try out the 100-yd. range. We were the only ones on that range, but there were a decent amount of folks on the 25 and 50-yard ranges. The fella there told me that the weekdays are really picking up, and the weekends are crowded. Out of the blue, he said he thought it was due to the fact that Hitlery may become president.

Now I don’t go around talking politics — sex, or religion either for that matter — with strangers, so I thought it was kind of odd that he pegged me as a conservative. Then I got to thinking about the FBI and the DOJ not indicting the charlatan, and realized that this was the kind of something that puts a scare in both sides of the aisle…….at least for the thinking people. Anyone who still blindly…

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