The Five

The Rio Norte Line

mparis hattin

“What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

What follows is less than a scholarly tome. It is an accumulation of thoughts gleaned from a lifetime of personal observation and study, so I only propose it as something to think about.

My premise is this: the most successful and long-lived civilizations of history have the following five characteristics in common and that the loss of any one of the five results in decline, loss of more than one results the fall of the civilization. In these civilizations the overwhelming majority of its members share:

  • A common theism,
  • A common ideology,
  • A common culture,
  • A love of the aforementioned, and
  • A willingness to defend all of the above (with deadly force and to the death, if necessary).

A common theism is important – in order to be a unified civilization…

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