The Secret of Life? Never Quit. Never. Ever.

The Rio Norte Line

IMG_1017I’ll be the first to admit that I am not very talented. I wasn’t blessed with superior intellect, physical stature or athletic skills. I’m average in just about every way except one. I don’t quit – for any reason – but in truth, that hasn’t always been true. I was once a quitter. I had to learn not to quit.

I was a late bloomer – I got my driving license when I was 15 years old, midway through my freshman year in high school. On that license, it was noted that I was five feet, zero inches tall and 100 pounds. I was a runt and because of that size, I was always the last picked for anything and always rode the bench at every sport I participated in. I tried hard to play football and basketball but I was too short and too small to be a real…

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