Safety in Numbers

The Rio Norte Line

Collectivism (progressivism) depends on the anonymity of being a member of a crowd. Crowds will do things an individual never would. The old saying “There is safety in numbers” is never more true than in the political arena.
If an individual comes up to you on the street and demands your wallet, that constitutes a robbery. If a group does it, it is a political movement.
I personally know collectivists (all progressives, socialists, Marxists and communists are collectivists) who will make demands at a party meeting that they would never walk up to me and make to my face. Perhaps they know that I will defend myself aggressively in a one-on-one situation or they know deep down that what they want amounts to an immoral choice (it is always clear that members of a collective understand the concept of private property – the “pure socialism” of the Occupy…

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