Why Are People Voting Trump/Pence 2016

Picked this up from the great writer at American Digest, Gerard Van Der Leun. He links an article in Taki magazine by satirist Joe Bob Briggs.

A taste:

What is it about Donald Trump that makes journalists go insane?

“It’s a political movement based on the First Amendment.”

If you do a Donald Trump word search on Google, and you use various combinations of the most popular descriptive adjectives, you get the following results.

In ascending order:

puerile 85,000 (not a popular term in the Midwest)
boorish 115,000
soulless 240,000
patronizing 248,000
egotistical 253,000
megalomaniac 261,000 (this one would score higher if it were not six syllables, therefore rendering it unusable in headlines)
vengeful 304,000
callous 395,000
grandiose 406,000
combative 407,000
birther 425,000
condescending 452,000 (could be combined with patronizing for a higher score)
mean-spirited 453,000
misogynistic 479,000 (misleadingly low because “woman hater” gets over a million)
foul-mouthed 500,000
disagreeable 503,000
arrogant 509,000
lunatic 524,000
immature 525,000 (should probably be combined with puerile)
xenophobic 532,000
fascist 554,000
authoritarian 571,000
braggart 586,000
obnoxious 606,000
narcissistic 635,000
boring 643,000 (wow, this one really shouldn’t make it past the fact-checkers)
haughty 645,000
obsessive 707,000
superficial 713,000
psychopathic 784,000
thin-skinned 785,000
vulgar 967,000

Obviously these highly technical terms used in political analysis will tend to overlap, and I certainly don’t want to ignore those writers who put in extra effort to string together metaphorical invective like “a walking lie,” “a grotesque experiment,” “a witless frat boy,” “Herman Cain on steroids” (rethink that one, please, I’m having trouble connecting the reference), and “a combustible mix of P.T. Barnum updated by Kim Kardashian.” This latter one comes from Richard North Patterson writing in the Huffington Post and I’m not sure what it means, but it sounds good. The Huffington Post, by the way, instituted a policy whereby every article about Trump includes the following disclaimer:

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims—1.6 billion members of an entire religion—from entering the U.S.

Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email editors@takimag.com to buy additional rights. http://takimag.com/article/donald_you_ignorant_slut_joe_bob_briggs/print#ixzz4GITDssHy
This is a very good take on what the MSM and political elites think about us “fly over” people and our fascination with and support of Donald J. Trump for President.

One thought on “Why Are People Voting Trump/Pence 2016

  1. Trump speaks some basic truths the snowflakes supporting Hillary can´t handle. Personally, I am all for Trump/Pence 2016.

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