#NeverTrumpers Heed This Message

Our good friend at the Bookworm Room has a special message for all you #NeverTrumpers out there.

She uses the plot of an old classic movie, (true story), to illustrate her point.

Not only do I not like what’s happening, I’ve seen this movie before and can tell you that it ends really badly. The movie, of course, is Bridge on the River Kwai.  The rest of this post will be spoiler city. If you don’t mind that fact, continue reading. If you hope one day to see this epic movie and still be surprised by the ending, STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

For those who have forgotten or never known the plot of Bridge on the River Kwai, here’s a summary of the salient points:

The movie begins in 1943, in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Burma run by the sadistic Colonel Saito. He announces to the prisoners that all of them, regardless of rank, will be working as slave labor constructing a railway bridge over the River Kwai that will connect Bangkok and Rangoon. (The movie is based upon the true story of the Burma Railway, built from 1942-1943, at the cost of 13,000 POW lives and the lives 80,000-100,000 men from all over the Malayan peninsula whom the Japanese dragooned into working on the bridge.)

Mrs. Bookworm then goes on to outline what will happen with Hillary as President and what will most likely happen in a Trump Presidency.

President Hillary Clinton will:

  • Turn the Supreme Court into an activist, hard-Left engine of permanent change;
  • Narrow the First Amendment to the point of meaninglessness, giving government the final say over who gets free speech (and you can see what this will look like by visiting any college or university in America except for Hillsdale);
  • Narrow the Second Amendment to the point of meaninglessness, giving government the absolute right to seize all privately held arms;
  • Grant full amnesty and voting rights to all the illegal aliens already in America;
  • Abandon any effort at controlling our Southern border;
  • Continue to turn the American military into a vast social justice and climate change experiment;
  • Continue to destroy the American economy by (a) funding crony-style climate change initiatives and (b) making it impossible for ordinary Americans to get affordable energy from clean coal, oil, and natural gas;
  • Raise taxes to pay for her war against the climate;
  • Deny the existence of Islamic fundamentalism, something exceptionally cruel, not only to non-Muslims killed by Islamists, but to those peaceful Muslims who need someone to partner with them to help bring about an Islamic reformation;
  • Cultivate her close ties with rich, radical Islamists, aided by Huma Abedin (scion of the Muslim Brotherhood) and by all of her other long-standing Islamic funders;
  • Turn her back on Israel, a nation she’s always approached with hostility, abandoning it to the Islamic/Arab savagery that surrounds it;
  • Destroy the last remnants of a free market in America by tightening her cronyist connection to Wall Street and her regulatory control over businesses and individuals;
  • Be exceptionally vulnerable to blackmail from all those nations that are sitting on her emails, both the 30,000 she destroyed, as well as the ones already in FBI hands; and
  • Continue to divide America by focusing on victim groups in order to retain those groups’ fealty to the Democrat party.

Nothing Donald Trump does can or will be as bad. While Hillary, as the “first woman” president, will get full cooperation from all Democrats and all RINOS (which means most GOP Congress critters), Congress will rediscover the separation of powers when Donald is President, reining in his greater excesses. In addition, Donald has indicated that he will:

  • Appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court;
  • Look to conservatives for advice about his executive management;
  • Control our out-of-control bureaucracy (and his management experience indicates that he can do this);
  • Reinstate enforcement of America’s existing immigration laws and border policies;
  • Maintain Americans’ right to keep and bear arms;
  • Maintain Americans’ right to free speech;
  • Continue to chip away at the mind-control that is political correctness;
  • Stand by Israel;
  • Acknowledge that we are at war with radical Islam and turn to the best minds to help us wage that war successfully; and
  • Speak to all Americans, not just special-interest groups.

Trump will be an imperfect president, but all presidents are imperfect. Even Ronald Reagan, in his heyday, did stupid things or things that his supporters disliked. It is inconceivable, though, that Trump could ever be as destructive as Hillary most certainly will be.

We do not want to become Venezuela people and that is where we are headed with a Hillary Clinton administration.

#NeverTrumpers better get with the program. We can muddle through a one term Trump Presidency a whole hell of a lot better than suffering through  at least four years of Hillary Clinton.

Think about real hard on election day folks!

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