Obama: Yes, ICANN

Regular Right Guy

internet-1Almost since Al Gorecreated* it, the Internet has been under the oversight of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Yes, we’ve heard it: Keep the dang government out of my Internet!

But as sinister as the likelihood of government intrusion in our use of this amazing technology has been, think how much worse it could be if that government were China or Russia. Or (possibly even more likely), if a billionaire or a group of billionaires like the anti-American megalomaniac George Soros were wielding power over it.

How does that work out for us?

Because Barack Obama, with the help of the two globalist presidents who preceded him, just relinquished U.S. control of the information superhighway – a highway paved with your tax dollars – to the world.


Washington (AFP) – The US government on Saturday ended its formal oversight role over the internet, handing over…

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