NYT: Trump: ‘The Comback King’

Regular Right Guy

That was the headline in 1995 when a kinder, gentler – okay, a more honest – New York Times praised Donald Trump’s rebound from a $900 million loss.

Conservative Treehouse:

It would appear the New York Times had no reason to violate federal law and print candidate Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return after all.  In 1995 the Times specifically wrote about the collapse of the real-estate financial markets, and called Donald Trump:


The Comeback King“…

October 25th 1995 New York Times – Crowning the Comeback King – Though there are still four years to go in the 90’s, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called “the comeback of the decade.”

Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80’s before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his…

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