Romney Cabal Behind Trump Tape?

Regular Right Guy

cheeseheads-walker-ryan-preibusStraight up.

Was Mitt Romney, possibly along with the Bush family and other GOP elites, behind the release of the eleven-year-old audiotape that has set the Trump campaign back on its heels?

Frankly, the release of this scathing eleventh hour attack on the Party nominee just has too many coincidences to believe otherwise.

So says the Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. to Fox Business Channel’s Lou Dobbs:

Next Gateway Pundit brings in an interview with Trump operative Jack Posobiec:

This interview will blow your mind–

Special Projects Director of Citizens4TrumpJack Posobiec was interviewed by YourVoice™ Radio co-host Cari Kelemen on Tuesday.

Jack explained in detail EXACTLY what went down with the infamous Trump audio and how it was all just a coup attempt by GOP elites.

And Conservative Tree House adds their two cents:

Here’s my own take on it.  First, it’s not a surprise the GOPe…

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