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Photo taken on April 29, 2010 in Paris sThis week Ann Coulter made her “FINAL ARGUMENT” in support of Donald Trump. “HUMILIATE THE MEDIA” her webpage headlined in YUGE caps.

Coulter’s article seemed to have an air of resignation. It’s almost as if she was saying, “Throw vegetables at them!”

I guess you can’t blame her, this looks like it will be a real squeaker.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit was apparently taken in by a cleverly shopped YouTube vid, showing left wing MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews endorsing Trump.

Hey, it looked real to me but The Republicans for Hillary at RedState called Mr. Hoft ugly names and implied that he may have personally shopped the video.

So much for Reagan’s [sic] Eleventh Commandment that big government Republicans who hated Ronald Reagan love to quote.

I no longer belong to a political party, so I feel free to say that if you are a Republican and you are not

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