Weeping, Wailing and Gnashing, Day 8…

Regular Right Guy

hillarycrying2Yet somehow we manage.

Let’s see, Jeffrey Katzenberg is on a crying jag in Hollywood, Barbara Boxer is declaring war on representative republicanism in DC, and the rest of the Democratic Party is having hot and cold flashes.

Oh, Ill be fine. You?

I dunno, it jus’ seems like we should dooo something…

Maybe we should we dump Nancy?


What you talking, fool!

OMG! Chuck Schumer Schumer Schumer

Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly (who says she is not a Democrat but plays one on Fox News) wants you to know that even though her former CEO was dangerous she stayed there and called him wonderful because something something something, and Trump something something something…

So Megyn has a new book about Megyn, you guys.

And Tim Kaine does too have a pulse.

What can we say, besides…

You poor things, you…

Buh-bye ‘til next time…



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