YUGE Mistakes?

Regular Right Guy

mittromneyandnikkihaley_jimyoung_reutersSay it ain’t so, Mr. President-Elect!

It is a sentiment already developing among some Trump allies as well as many who brought Donald Trump the greatest election upset in history.

And there is apparent cause for concern.

Among the most disconcerting:

In a disappointing first interview with the corrupt New York Times, the soon-to-be 45th president is bizarrely indicating that he may continue to run his multibillion-dollar real estate empire.

And now Trump is also indicating that his administration will drop the investigation into the Hillary Clinton Emailgate scandal and the Clinton Foundation’s reputed pay-for-play scheme.

There are other high-profile campaign positions the soon-to-be 45th president seems top be signaling he may be shifting on, as well.

For instance, climate change. Yes, Trump may already be waffling on his dissenting position with the leftist-driven global warming debate.

In a resource-rich nation with the technology to produce safe, clean fossil…

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