Fidel Castro is Dead Everybody

Regular Right Guy




“Brutal dictator … Oppressed his own people… six decades…


“…condolences to Fidel’s family…”

Robert Stacy McCain

Turned a tropical island paradise into an impoverished desolation… sponsored subversion and terrorism worldwide…


“Exiles celebrate in Miami…”

Jazz Shaw

“…a regime of tyranny where those in power lived well while they oppressed the rest of the nation.”


“Darling of American leftists…”

Legal Insurrection

Jesse Jackson “…oppressed the world over joined Castro’s cause of fighting for freedom & liberation….”

Heat Street

“Cuba Not That Sad to Be Honest…”

John Hawkins

“Like they say, only the good die young….”

Gateway Pundit

“…reportedly worth $900 million.”

HT/Townhall [Image], Memorandum

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