Did Romney Scold Land Conway in Trouble?

Regular Right Guy

kellyanne-conway-mitt-romneyKudos to former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, if headlines are true this morning.

Conway is reportedly in trouble with the Donald for comments she made about the enormous backlash from supporters opposed to a Mitt Romney nomination for Secretary of State.

If so, and Conway put her job on the line to support millions of Trump loyalists who stuck it out at the cost of friends and loved ones, she has our eternal respect!

Romney backers and their cohorts in the Trump-trashing media are suggesting Conway is at the head of a Trump conspiracy to humiliate the Mitter.

Trump petty and vindictive?

How much more vindictive and petty can it get than this?

How we would relish a little Trump vindictiveness right now, after this loser’s attempts to undermine the will of party base, were it true, but it looks more like Conway may have violated Trump Omertà.

Thank you again, Ms. Conway.

Oh, and…

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