Why a National Concealed Carry Law is Useless

Regular Right Guy

righttobeararmsIf there is one thing conservatives should respect about the international Left, it is the tenacity with which the hawkers of the agenda persist.

They never give up in their quest to change the public’s thinking on fundamental freedoms, like your right to keep and bear arms.

Witness: Mrs. Sloane, which bombed on its opening day at the box office this week.

Admittedly this antigun “thriller” didn’t cost much ($23 million), but that should be beside the point.

Any moron knew it would lose money before the first storyboard was sketched out. Witness: Runaway Jury, Lord of War, Armor of Light, The Brave One, American Gun, and we could go on.

Antigun films almost never more than break even at the box office, and when one does it is largely because the movie-going public would buy a ticket to see stars like Brad Pitt and…

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