RRG’s 2016 Lefty Awards: Big Fix Edition

Regular Right Guy

If Donald Trump had not won the presidential election this year, 2016 might have gone down in political history as the Year of the Fix.

The Democrats began the election year by rigging their primaries for Hillary Clinton, and are ending it by accusing the Trump campaign of the very collusion and election tampering they have been guilty of all along.

And with that in mind, here are our top 2016 corruptocrats with a few plain old obnoxious GOP hypocrites thrown in for measure:


10)  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Marilyn Mosby – Two black women have not deserved to be more roundly booed since the Supremes performed without Diana Ross. For their incompetence, lies and duplicity in Baltimore’s Freddie Gray scandal and the attending riots, Mayor Rawlings-Blake and State Attorney Mosby are both a disgrace to government service.

john-kerry_bike9) John Kerry – For “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic…”He turned…

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