Religion and Politics Round Up

It being Sunday and all, I decided to do a round up of the best articles on Religion and Politics.

T L Davis at Tea Party News starts us off with his “The Competition of Church and State”. In this insightful article, he explains why politicians who are Christians, can use their faith in God as a moral compass in governance.

Citizen Tom goes into the differences between Christian thought and actions and the Christian Left’s version of Christian thoughts and actions. Here’s where Tom makes his case…

When I was writing my last post, I discovered The Christian Left. Michael Bindner appears to have been posting for awhile, so his is not a new blog. Like my own blog, Bindner mixes religion and politics. That is, as we know from our history, dangerous. However, I don’t think the risk is what people think. There is nothing wrong with mixing Christianity with politics. The problem is mixing what we want to believe about religion with politics. An A … Read More

Bill at Digital Dharma says that a slim majority of Americans want separation of Religion and Politics. His opening statement gives his beliefs on the matter…

About time people came to their senses. We need a consensus on how to run this country, and we will never get one based on religious beliefs. Too many people think their god wants them to do to many different things. Best to leave the shamans in their huts.

Don’t know about that one. I believe in separation, but am of the opinion, as are others, that a politician can use his Christian faith as a moral compass when making legislative decisions that effect his/her constituents.

Nancy over at Conversation in Faith Weblog explains why she’s glad to live in a country where the discussion of Religion and Politics is allowed and even encouraged sometimes.

And Gary on Politics isn’t sure whether politics and religion should be considered in the same conversation. He does, however, let us know that he’s a follower of Jesus Christ first and everything else second.

Some of you may not know by now but I am a follower of Jesus Christ first, and then all of the other labels follow. Conservative, Pentecostal, I’ve been called a “Methodist raised, pentecostal fool, with a liberal bent”, I’m also often called a libertarian. I don’t personally identify myself with anything other than a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m definitely not liberal nor am I a libertarian.

There it is…take the time to visit these blogs and read the complete articles.

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