Lets Sell Taiwan Says NY Times Writer

Paul Kane of the New York fishwrap  birdcage liner Times has an absurd idea. He thinks we ought to make a deal with China for Taiwan, essentially dropping our military and economic support of Taiwan in return for China dropping or forgiving our over Trillion dollar debt to the Chinese. As Ed Morrisey of Hot Air writes;

There are dozens of initiatives President Obama could undertake to strengthen our economic security. Here is one: He should enter into closed-door negotiations with Chinese leaders to write off the $1.14 trillion of American debt currently held by China in exchange for a deal to end American military assistance and arms sales to Taiwan and terminate the current United States-Taiwan defense arrangement by 2015.

This would be a most precious prize to the cautious men in Beijing, one they would give dearly to achieve. After all, our relationship with Taiwan, as revised in 1979, is a vestige of the cold war.

That’s an arguable point, of course, but Kane isn’t arguing that we should recalculate our foreign policy regarding Taiwan as an intelligent new approach to global security.  He doesn’t argue that Beijing has improved its record on freedom and liberty.  In fact, the lead on this article exactly explains the motivation in this proposal, emphasis mine:

WITH a single bold act, President Obama could correct the country’s course, help assure his re-election, and preserve our children’s future.

Er, really?  American debt is approaching $15 trillion.  The amount that China would forgive would be less than any of the annual budget deficits in any of Obama’s three years in office.  Even if Barack Obama made this deal, it wouldn’t “correct the country’s course,” it would merely and momentarily lower the national debt while the administration adds more to it in a single year.

Mark Krikorian asks whether we really want to advertise that our alliances are for sale:

While it’s not the same kind of nonsense we’ve come to expect from most of their regular columnists, it is nonetheless pretty silly. It’s not like I have a romantic attachment to the Lost Cause of Chiang Kai-shek, but do we really want to reinforce the idea (after Ben Ali and Mubarak) that it’s dangerous to be our friend?

Why stop with Taiwan?  Let’s sell our alliance with Israel to the Iranians for $2 trillion, or the Saudis if the Iranians won’t bite.  We can sell our NATO alliance to the Russians for $3 trillion.  Those are just costly entanglements from which we can score some short-term profit, too.  In fact, let’s just have an auction at State to see how many alliances we can sell, and get top dollar for those diplomatic assets.

Well, one thing’s for certain- if we were to start selling off our allies, then the OWSers would be happy because the US would have isolated itself from the rest of the world. I wonder who we could count on for help if we were in need then?

I believe I’ve seen dumber columns at the New York Times, but I’m having difficulty in actually coming up with an example.


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6 thoughts on “Lets Sell Taiwan Says NY Times Writer

  1. Hey Mike! I thought it was time to visit your place for a change, and the first thing I see is this headline that cannot possibly be true. But true it be, the Times has a hire-the-handicapped program with departments for moral and mental defectives.
    Taiwan has 23 million peeps as of this years. We would be selling them out at a rate of $65k per freedom-loving Chinese on the Island. Not bad, really, maybe some might jump at the chance to take the money if all they have to do is LIVE UNDER A BRUTAL REGIME WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES THAT STRETCHES FROM North Korea to Tibet!
    Sorry about yelling, Mike. we may define freedom differently, but the chinese version is equally aghast-inducing.to the two of us, I would wager.

    I wonder what we’d get for Puerto Rico?

  2. Thanks for your comment Greg. I have relatives who worked as missionaries in China for about twenty years. In fact, they left the country the day before the Tienanmen Square massacre.

    We’d probably have to pay someone to take Puerto Rico.

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  5. Considering how the Clintons sold out the Christian Serbs to appease Muslim oil interests, and considering how they let the Chinese take our military and technical secrets, what ally would trust the US anyway?

    Obama has already ditched not only Israel and the UK, but just about every other ally we still had, and he got nothing in return for that. Gadhafi and Mubarak didn’t have nukes, and thought they could trust the US. Look what happened to them.

    My assessment is that Obama does not have anything left to sell.

  6. Huh? When did Gadhafi become an ally of the United States? For a couple of decades, he was one of our top enemies, along with Khomeini and Assad, until Saddam fell out of our graces by invading Kuwait which led the United States to station troops in Saudi Arabia, which led to Bin Laden declaring jihad on the USA. Anyway, good riddance to Gadhafi, the mass murderer of tens of thousands of fellow Libyans and the puppeteer for the rebels in West Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone, et al) who killed, raped and maimed hundreds of thousands (chopping off hands and feet to terrorize the population was a favored tactic).

    Lastly, the Christian Serbs under Milosevic weren’t our allies either . . . they were allied with Russia. Though the United States and the EU countries recognizing the independence of Kosovo is rather puzzling and hypocritical, since we refuse to recognize the independence of Taiwan, Abkhazia, Puntland, South Ossetia, Somaliland, and other areas that are actually de facto independent, and not governed by organized crime rings that traffic in involuntarily donated human organs.

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