I Got A New Drug…Hepatitis C Update

As you may know, I’ve been battling Hepatitis C. I had a check up today and things seem to be doing pretty good except for my blood count. During my four week and eight week check ups, the lab work showed no discernible virus. That’s good news. The bad news is that one of the drugs I have to take, does a trick on my hemoglobin. That’s the part of your blood that carries oxygen around your body. So my doctor cut down one of my daily medications to once a day instead of twice a day.

So in addition to the other drugs I take weekly and daily, I’ve got a new drug to take once a week. It’s called Procrit and is a sub-cutaneous protein shot. This one isn’t pre-loaded like my Pegasys shot, so I have to “be the doctor” and follow a particular procedure to draw up the shot.

The really good news is, if my twelve week check up is the same as my four and eight week checkups, I will only have to do the twenty-four week treatment option. So that means that I’m potentially almost halfway done. HooRah!

I’m going to be doing a post on my recent trip to the emergency room and subsequent day and a half stay in the hospital. I’m just waiting for all the bills to come in so I can total it all up. So far, it amounts to around fifteen grand.

4 thoughts on “I Got A New Drug…Hepatitis C Update

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