Not Only is He Merely Wrong …


… he’s really most sincerely wrong!WMS Radio Network201406111638ZaWMS Radio Network201406111638ZbThe Cabin Boy™ seems to have an inflated sense of his rights. He may desperately want to pierce someone’s anonymity, but, depending on how that person has gone about protecting his identity, Schmalfeldt may not have the right to find out who the person is.

In any case, the Cabin Boy™ certainly has no right to make anyone stop doing anything. In most instances, he probably has the right to seek relief from the courts, but he, like the rest of us, has no power to do so on his own.

Schmalfeldt’s principal failure is his lack of understanding of the legal and moral limitations to his authority. Much of what he claims to do by right is, in fact, done through arrogance.

The Cabin Boy™ should be thankful that those of us who are pushing back against him are staying within the bounds of the…

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