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Like the rest of Team Kimberlin, The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ is a bad liar, but he’s does even worse as a prophet.

He was oh-so confident of his victory in the Circuit Court trial for the peace order issued against him.

Deep Brain Radio The answer to that question depends on what the judge decides when we ask for attorney fees.
8:13 PM – 12 Jun 13

Here’s what he was predicting last September and early October about the upcoming hearing on his petition to modify the peace order.
prophecy3Of course, I never took the stand during that hearing on the motion to modify because the judge dismissed the case before it was my turn to respond. TDPS’s™ case was so weak the judge saw no need to bother having to hear more.

TDPS™ kept up his harassment, so I filed for an extension of the peace order. TDPS™ didn’t…

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