Media Hammers Obama on ISIS Strategy

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Little Mermaid

It wasn’t pretty when MSM reporters at G20 asked and re-asked our Facilitator-In-Chief the hard questions on his ISIS strategy this week.

Fox reporter Bill Hemmer sums up the presser.

And here is an actual snippet.

CNN lefty Christiane Amanpour wasn’t buying it, either.

For seven years the U.S. media has given Barack a pass on everything from his ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize to his stupid Iraq withdrawal. The genocidal slaughter of tens of thousands of Muslims and Christians? Pilots burned alive? Homosexuals thrown off of buildings? Coptic Christians and journalists beheaded?

They kinda sorta covered these atrocities, but Obama’s lack of outrage, inaction and refusal to identify this enemy never seemed to bother them a whole lot.

So what is different in their post-Paris attacks demeanor? Why is it suddenly important that Obama act now?


None of Obama’s disgraceful behavior ever seemed to grow legs with his…

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