Isn’t It Really All About Michelle Fields?

Regular Right Guy

fieldsUPDATE – Never mind that there have been worse bruises from air kisses, does former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields need one more Trump hater to help her exaggerate her alleged assault by Corey Lewandowski last week?

I’m not suggesting that Lewandowski is innocent of any wrongdoing, but at worst he is guilty of unnecessary roughness on an overly pushy reporter.

Yet Katie Pavlich, Dana Loesch, Meghan McCain and several other pundits who owe much of  their celebrity to Fox News, have joined the network’s own unabashed self-hustler Megyn Kelly to make sure this non-story ends in the destruction of Lewandowski’s career.

And you know anti-Trumpers are desperate when they can’t find anyone better to carry their water than an attention seeker only five years out of Pepperdine with a history of accusing men of mistreatment.

In 2014, Fields accused Robert Kennedy Jr. of getting “handsy” (whatever than means)…

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