If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Simferopol

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vladimir_putin The Pentagon has sent a destroyer —yes, we still have one left—to conduct drills in the Black Sea, in the wake of Crimean elections this weekend.


Sofia (AFP) – A US Navy guided-missile destroyer will remain in the Black Sea to conduct more exercises with allied ships, its commander said on Saturday, the eve of a breakaway vote in Crimea.

The USS Truxtun this week conducted joint exercises with Romanian and Bulgarian naval forces just a few hundred kilometres (miles) away from the disputed Crimea peninsula.

“I cannot comment on our future operations but we will take the opportunity to do some routine exercises with our allies in the region,” said Commander Andrew Biehn. [more]

In other words, the U.S. is not going to do anything, but the destroyer was just painted and it will look better than the Russian destroyers in the area that are…

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