Erica Garner Slams Sharpton: It’s About the Money

Regular Right Guy

tawana brawley al sharptonJames O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is taking on Al Sharpton this time.

The video is lengthy, but watching just a minute or two will tell you what all too many in the black community think but refuse to say publically about this bottom feeder.

Here O’Keefe gets the dope (pun intended) from Eric Garner’s daughter, protesters in the #Ferguson fiasco, and one of the Trayvon Martin lawyers, on just who Rev. Al is really fighting for—Rev. Al.

For years before most Americans ever heard of Al Sharpton, he was the black Marjoe Gortner, a boy preacher pimped out by his parents to churches around the country.

But unlike Gortner, who eventually famously admitted he was a fraud and received an Academy Award for it, Al found legitimacy with the mainstream media.

He couldn’t be doing any better if he were hawking prayer cloths from the pulpit of his own mega…

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