State Of The Union: ‘Don’t Kill The Job’

The Camp Of The Saints

If you’ve never been a member of a Union, you may have never heard of the expression: ‘Don’t kill the job’.

It means: don’t do anything to speed-up the finishing of the project you are working on — do things to drag it out as long as you can so that you and your union buddies milk the job for all it’s worth. This applies, especially, to work being done for a government entity because you can get away with it a lot easier. It’s one of the attitudes that led to the downfall of Union Power in The Private Sector.

That frame of mind become a permanent feature of the Democratic Party some time ago and has now come to encompass the Republican Party, as well.

In this instance, the ‘job’ is maintaining the bloated and Tyrannical size of Government and then further expanding it’s reach into every nook and…

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